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Maya has been crucial in the development of Real Adulting 101. She has helped supervise over ten interns and course creators, ensuring top quality and efficiency from all. When starting a new business, it can be hard to trust others with some of the higher level tasks, but Maya was able to not only execute incredibly on deliverables, but also help strategize and focus our business, saving our team far over 100 hours. Knowing she was taking care of certain areas of the business really allowed me to focus on the things business owners should be focusing on: growth, business strategy and high level overviews. Maya is an incredible asset to any team whether developing learning content, leading a team, executing on course development or creating systems in your business for highest level efficiency and quality.

- Brittany

I had the pleasure of working with Maya for 18 months.  She was an incredible asset to me as I saved many hours of my own time as she picked up work seamlessly for me.  Her communication was exceptional and the work relationship created ease and flow in my day.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for support with their business.

- Andrea

At Speak for Success, we're experts at public speaking, communications, and developing new leaders. But when it came to organizing and revamping our e-learning content, we needed some help to make it engaging and easy for our learners. Working with Impact Learning saved us hundreds of hours of work and gave us peace of mind, knowing it was done right. Since we launched, we've had over 120 members join our program, and the feedback has been incredible.

- Monica

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